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Learn a Foreign Language – Contribute to World Culture
Someone has rightly quoted, The more languages you know, the more you are Human.

A few years ago, I read a joke on this related incident. A person who knows three languages or more is known as multilingual. An individual is bilingual if he knows two languages. But, what do you call a person who knows only one language?

The Americans.

I know it will sound funny to many, but that’s the sad reality of Life. It has been accepted worldwide that the Americans trail behind all the other nations when it comes to learning foreign languages.

In today's fast-paced competitive and technological world, learning a Foreign Language demands time and dedication. An individual needs to convince oneself and plunge in the deep sea of mantras and tantras to grasp the 'essence' of a language ; where the language demands your calmness and perseverance.

Language learning was once considered nothing more, but just a hobby. With the progressive world becoming increasingly connected, learning a language other than English is considered a necessity. Advancements in technologies have afforded us the ability to communicate no matter where we are in the world, along with amplifying the necessity of studying a foreign language. The most prominent thing about languages being, is a form of communication where they serve as an amazing means of relating to people from various cultures on a personal level. In a globalized world, those who speak multiple languages– particularly Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Arabic and many more – have a much better chance of finding meaningful employment.

According to a reliable source, the ability to speak a modern language gives the graduates a competitive edge over others as the demand for bilingual workers in the United States is rising at a considerably increasing level.

And, Rapid Globalisation and Increase in IT sector has reduced world to a small global village. So Learning a new language has gained equal importance and is been seen as of much advantage in the present competitive world.

As the age old saying goes by, "The survival of the fittest", so it is a major step to walk with the advancements and the changes

Even, foreign language helps in the personal growth of an individual from cultural, personal and all other perspectives. It is quite flexible as communication with the mass becomes much more easier and comfortable.

When we have a grasp of a foreign language, then above all, we develop respect for the culture of the people who speak that language. This understanding and admiration for the World Cultures and Traditions help forge better relationships and sense of brotherhood between people and nations.

It is always said that each story has its two sides - pros and cons, the right and the wrong, the good and the bad. But, here Learning never degrades you. It only decorates you, your personality, your career and above all, moulds for the better and ultimately, the best.

So, pack up your learning side and, travel and learn for the better, because as we know 'Learning sees no age.'