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Chinese Language

Why You Should Learn the Chinese Language

Learning Chinese offers many benefits to personal and professional growth not least gaining a better understanding of one of the richest cultures in the world. Millions of people travel to China to see the shrines, walk The Great Wall of China and indulge in the wonderful food markets in cities such as Beijng.

Chinese history and culture is one the richest and certainly the oldest in the world. China is renowned for producing beautiful novels, short stories, poetry and more recently excellence in film. Reading great Chinese biographies and watching short films about the history of China provides a greater understanding of the language.

Meet our teacher


”Mrugali Ganbote is Chinese Language expert carrying more than 3 years of experience in teaching Chinese Language to students and working professionals. She has cleared HSK level 4 which equivalent to level B2 and HSKK level 2.”

Benefits of learning Chinese

1. Business Business people who speak Mandarin have a huge advantage in tapping into the Chinese market. It is much easier to develop all-important relationships if you can speak Mandarin.

2. Travel China and Taiwan offer exciting travel opportunities. Getting around is much easier if you can speak Mandarin.

3. Culture With thousands of years of history, Chinese culture is endlessly fascinating. Whether your interests are in history, architecture, music, or cuisine, a knowledge of Mandarin will enrich your understanding of Chinese culture.