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Hindi Language

Why Learn to Speak Hindi?

Hindi is one of the world’s “Big Five” languages alongside English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. More than half a billion people speak it, and about half of those are native speakers, mostly in northern India.

Hindi became the lingua franca of India when the British were expelled in 1947. English remained a national language, but the expectation was that it would be dropped from the constitution after 15 years of independence. Today, both are among the 23 official languages of India. This is only the tip of the iceberg. More than 1,600 spoken languages are used in this culturally diverse country.

Here are some itroductory words in Hindi. The word for India is Bhaarat and the word for Indian is bhartiya. One often sees the phrase desi meaning “Indian”, as in, “the way Indians do things.” This phrase comes from the other word desh, or “country” and deshi, meaning “someone from a country.”

Meet our teacher

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”Mrs Bansal has teaching experience of 28 years in schools and educational institutes affiliated with CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, CIE, CIPP, ETE, PYP, MYP, MSP & IB.”

Best reasons for learning Hindi

1. You’ll Be Able to Have a Conversation with Half a Billion New Friends One of the main reasons that most people want to learn a language is to be able to communicate with more people around the world. Over half a billion people around the globe speak Hindi, making it the second most commonly spoken language on Earth. It’s also the official language of India.

2. You’ll Be in Good Company Hindi being the official language of the second-biggest country on the planet makes it an attractive option for people who want to learn an additional language. Up to 200 million people speak Hindi as their second language. If you become fluent, you’ll be joining a rather large and eclectic club, and since so many people are learning, you won’t struggle to find someone to practice with online.

3. You’ll Have Additional Professional Opportunities Learning any new language is going to sharpen your resume and impress potential employers, but studying Hindi could have additional benefits. Since the language is so commonly spoken, some universities, businesses and governments are offering special opportunities for those who can speak it fluently.

4. You’ll Be Marrying into a Culture Most articles on language learning focus on studying for the purposes of self-improvement, career development or brain health. Those are all wonderful reasons, but there’s another aspect that’s less commonly talked about, and that’s falling in love with someone from another culture. If you’re an English speaker with a Hindu speaker for a partner, you might wish to learn your partner’s language in an effort to better communicate. This situation will increase your chances of succeeding since you’ll always have a native speaker around to practice with

5. You’ll be Deepening Your SpiritualityHindi is used in a lot of meditative chants. If you’re interested in starting a meditation practice, learning the language could go hand in hand. Many spiritual texts are written in Hindi, not to mention countless fictional tales, poetry collections and other written works. Of all the languages you could learn, Hindi has the potential to open your mind to a truly special world.