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Why You Should Learn the Japanese Language

It is often said that globalization opens international markets, which is one of the reasons why learning Japanese is important. Japan is the third largest economy in the world after the United States and China. The Japanese economy is larger than those of Germany and the United Kingdom, which are ranked fourth and fifth largest.

The Japanese language is the ninth most spoken language is the world, with 128 million people speaking it as their first language in only two countries. Globally, Japanese is spoken by 128.3 million speakers.

Meet our teacher


”Arpana Pangtey is a Japanese interpreter/translator with over 20 years of experience with some of the leading Japanese companies. She has cleared JLPT Level 1 which is equivalent to current N1.”

Benefits of learning Japanese

1. Provides more opportunities for international understanding As the Asian economy rises, more opportunities for work would be available. Japanese is a language that is not commonly taught or studied, like French, German or Spanish. Learning Japanese will boost your professional value. When you learn Japanese, you'll have less competition in opportunities available in different fields, such as business, social sciences, humanities, technology, science, journalism and tourism. If you want to be a translator for the government or a language services provider, your competition is lower when you speak Japanese compared to other more commonly taught languages.

2. Prepares you for a better future Japan is a nation that is geographically isolated. Considering the devastation of the country during WWII and the fact that natural resources are scarce in the island, it's impressive how the Japanese were able to turn things around. It is astonishing how the Japanese were able to rely on their scientific knowledge and creativity to make their country economically successful. They are leaders in various fields of technology such as fermentation processes, industrial robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, electronics and optical media. They are great innovators, attested by their being on top of the list of patent filings in the world. Each year, around 420,000 patent applications are filed by Japanese inventors. If you work in the technology field, especially robotics, learning Japanese will be very advantageous for you. You'll be able to understand Japanese cutting-edge technology. Aside from the robotic tools that help the manufacturing and other labor-intensive industries, Japan has created various robots, including animals and humanoids for various applications.

3. It's your gateway to more Asian cultures and languages Other Asian nations, such as Korea, China and India exerted influence over Japanese history. Although the Asian cultures are different, they also share some similarities, which you'll be able to recognize when you study the language. You'll see the values they share with the country, including aesthetics, ethics and religious beliefs.